Nuke Someone Say Republicans

Members of the Republican party demand that President Obama cut government expenses while demanding that President Obama increase military expenditures. The president announced a plan that would result in fewer nuclear weapons, an announcement that sent some Republican congressmen into a frenzy of fear. Under plans by the Pentagon the United States would be left with about 800 nuclear bombs to send hurtling toward some nation.

According to Republican congressman Mac Thornberry, reducing the number of atomic bombs simply encourages other nations to get more nuclear bombs. “And, the result of that (fewer atomic bombs) is more nuclear weapons programs all across the world.” Why is  simple question? Let me see, the US will ONLY have about 700 atomic bombs. I assume when we disarm ourselves down to 700 ATOMIC BOMBS the rest of the world will rush to do what?

On which planet do members of the Republican party live? First, they want to fire people in order to create more jobs, and now they insist if we ONLY have 700 atomic bombs, some nation is going to be encouraged go build atomic bombs. HUH??