Nuts And Judges

Lost in the furor which erupted over the death of innocent children is the role played by our Supreme Court in allowing men and women to wander our streets with guns in hand. Throughout the history of the United States, our Supreme Court has allowed government restrictions on the use of weapons of mass destruction. It is only during the past twenty years that judges, who allegedly are men and women of education, have introduced the concept that NO restriction can or should be placed on gun nuts. They even believe it constitutional for armed individuals to carry concealed weapons into buildings, theaters, and even schools.

Police in Cedar Lake, Indiana fortunately learned about the latest copy cat killer, one Mr.Meyer. He is a member of the Invaders Motorcycle Gang and has 47 guns scattered around his home. Mr.Meyer told his wife that he intended to head for the Jane Ball Elementary School and “kill  as many people as I can.”

How can graduates of law schools allow  this madness to continue. They are not defending American rights, they are furthering American madness!