Nuts To Her Highness

In these perilous times there are moments when world leaders make clear their prioriies as to who the nation should be led. Some are concerned that children go to bed hungry, others that wealthy people are reduced to only two servants and one yacht. A leader must set an example of what it means to head a nation. England has benefited for hundreds of years by the example of great queens and kings who understood their responsibility to the people of their realm. Queen Elizabeth struck a blow for those who head nations by making clear what should be their priority. In order to make waiting time pleasant for her guests the Queen sets out peanuts and other such refreshments in order to make certain they can munch away the time.

She recently became upset because her royal police apparently were also munching the Queens peanuts and wanted this assault on royal peanuts to cease and desist. She was so upset and irritated that her Highness marked the level of nuts in order to catch nut thieves.

Gee, I wonder if she checks the level of food that children are supposed to eat?