NYC Rejects Evolution!

The New York City Board of Education which supervises education in a city that is known throughout the world as progressive and somewhat liberal has decided that what is correct in Texas is  valid for their fair city on the Hudson. Matthew Mittenhal has decided children in the city school system should be kept from such disturbing ideas in science as -evolution, dinosaurs, geological history or things like alcohol and tobacco. He seeks a history program that ignores war, revolution, nuclear weapons, poverty or crime since such thoughts are bound to “evoke unpleasant emotions.”

Noted educator Diane Ravitch terms this attitude to be destroying critical and creative thinking in schools. I am certain private schools in New York City DO teach evolution because they want their students to attend the best colleges in this land.

Gee, I guess no more George Washington, the revolutionary leader and no more Abraham Lincoln who seized private property of Southern plantation owners!