Obama Acts Politically Correct!

Barack Obama once taught at a university where he, and fellow  professors, adhered to principles of civility and calm rational thinking. Alas, such is not the world of politics. Politicians lie, they exaggerate, they distort, they focus on the unimportant in debating, and they are not interested in coming across as a wise sage. Their only concern is to get your vote. Up to this point, Obama has been performing as a college professor. Last night, he began to act like a politician and the result was favorable to him.

Mitt Romney constantly lies and distorts. His famous “Five Points” is the mystery of American politics. His famous, “twelve million jobs” exists in his mind, but there is no way anyone can promise and carry out that promise of 12 million jobs. So, Barack, welcome to the world of politics. Act like a politician and, who knows, you might win the election.