Obama Again Shows Hatred Of America!

Since day one of his presidency, Barack Obama has been charged with one crime after another by Republicans. He is a Muslim, he was born in Kenya, he is not like “we Americans, ” he hates America, he is responsible for the $16 Trillion debt, he caused unemployment, and he is responsible for war and violence in the Middle East. Congressman Jason Chffetz now charges that President Obama deliberately reduced security at the embassy in Libya by cutting military expenses. Of course, this is part of Republican efforts to claim Obama hates the US military!

The congressmen has no evidence to prove any of his charges, but Fox News will present his ideas night after night in an effort to create the impression of security failure in Benhghazi. Of course, when President Bush lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction, neither Fox News nor Republicans challenged anything.

Violence derived from a silly video. The violence was not caused by American government actions, it stemmed from al-Qaeda. And, if one wants to place responsibility for the emergence of al-Qaeda, just remember that under President Reagan this group was given military equipment in Afghanistan!!