Obama And Drones, Never Ending Story

Ever since the US armed forces introduced the weapon of Drones, there has been an ongoing series of angry world leaders who regard their nation’s boundaries as under the supervision of their own forces. For some strange reason they do not regard American armed forces under their jurisdiction. Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif told the president of the United States to mind his own business and cease bombing folk in his nation. It is estimated that somewhere between 2,515 and 3,613 have died at the end of a Drone hit. Obama insists that nearly all were terrorists and reports of civilian deaths are simply an attempt to smear the United States of America. If Drone attacks are as effective in accuracy as the Affordable Care Act health sites, we think Obama has some explanations to the people of Pakistan.

Obama did admit there are some “misunderstandings” between the countries. I assume these “tensions” are similar to those being experienced between the Obama administration and folk desirng to get health insurance.