Obama And Paroles

The president of the United States of America has the power to parole those who have been unjustly convicted of crimes or to mitigate sentences that are way out of line with the crime and punishment. There are cases of a person receiving a life sentence for stealing a jacket-his crime was to possess a black skin. President Obama waited until 280 days had passed prior to issuing a parole for someone in jail. As of this date, he has only pardoned about 39 people for crimes. This is among the lowest number of paroles by an American president in history. This is stocking, every day a man or a woman goes to jail for a minor crime because of their skin or ethnic background. Surely, the president can set those people free. They never would have gone to jail if they had money or their skin was white.

The president can strike a blow for the madness of our sentencing system which sends the vulnerable, the poor and the ill to jail because they lack money for a competent lawyer. Obama is great at rhetoric, but lousy at justice.