Obama And The King

I assume pundits on Fox News will have a wonderful time this week once pictures are revealed of President Barack Obama giving a bow to the King of Saudi Arabia. Although for years American diplomats have extended a courteous bow to a Saudi King, when Obama bends down it simply another example of how this wimp informs the world that America bows down to those who hate us. Obama will meet with 89 year old King Abdullah and discuss issues.

1. Saudi Arabia wants to US to intervene in Syria. Of course, the Saudi Army will not be with them, but when it comes to standing up against a tyrant who rules a nation without giving its citizens any vote….ooops, I think my words depict Saudi Arabia.

2. Saudi Arabia does not want the US to negotiate with Iran because they are Shiites and when one has a conflict with another religious group for over a thousand years, why end the feud. It did require about four hundred years before Protestants and Catholics could end their dispute, but when it comes to Shiites and Sunni, the duel of anger goes on and on. I regret to King Abdullah in between his breaths of oxygen, but the US does not want any part of his duels of anger.

They will meet, they will have pictures taken of both men smiling and they will depart. Period.