An Army detail was assigned the task of cleaning up some old material, and they decided to burn several of the items. It was supposedly a pile of junk so why not go ahead and burn the damn material? Unfortunately, they were in Afghanistan and among the items were several copies of the Koran. Naturally, when Afghans learned the infidels burned their holy book they declared a holy war against Americans. After all, no one makes mistakes, it was definitely a plot by the CIA to insult all Afghan Muslims.

President Obama wisely decided to write an apology to President Hamid Karzai for the mistake. Naturally, apologizing to some foreign leader violates the principles of the United States of America. Republicans are up in arms because the president of OUR nation which NEVER MAKES MISTAKES is apologizing to a bunch of rag head Muslims!! This apology is further evidence that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who obeys what the imam tells him to do.

Remember, we are Americans. We do NOT make mistakes. And, if we DO make a mistake, under no condition should we utter an apology.

Did John Wayne ever apologize??