Obama Blasts Democrats

President Obama is upset at Democrats for lacking energy in this election. Gee, I wonder why so many liberals and progressives lack the drive to support his administration. He commented to the media “It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election.” Of course, that statement is correct, but the president failed to acknowledge his own responsibility in creating the lethargy. For example:

1. The key issues in January, 2009 were: fixing the banks and JOBS. Instead of focusing on jobs he went for a massive overhaul of the health care system. FDR first addressed jobs and two years later took on Social Security. A modest health care fill would have been sufficient while ALL energy focused on jobs.
2. Talik about lethargy! Obama failed to directly address the nation about health care, the causes of deficits, etc.. Why didn’t he speak up and speak clearly and concisely?
3. His continued focus on Afghanistan has turned off millions.
4. Last week the FBI e\raided homes of “activists” and this week the Obama administration seeks to be able to listen in to Internet talk. And, this from a man who once taught Constitutional law!!

Mr. President, the fault lies not in the stars, but in yourself.