Obama Bombs Away

Barack Obama continued the three day assault on Republicans, which frankly, is not that difficult. Instead of the bromide of reducing taxes on the wealthy  our president made clear his intention to raise taxes on those who can afford to pay a few extra thousands. In itself, the speech did not offer many new ideas, but it also let many know that under his administration the United States now, instead of importing 60% of energy it imports 40% of its needs. He reminded Americans that a Mitt victory would end the ability of young people to remain on the health plan of parents.

I wish he had pursued discussion of the health care plan and its benefits by ending people going to the Emergency Room and increasing health care costs for all Americans. I wish he had even further discussed efforts  to assist returning veterans. However, he began the process of differentiating an America under President Romney as contrasted with an Obama America.

The choice is clear, an America run by those with money or an America in which wealthy have power, but it is counter-balanced with other forces. That is the real choice.