Obama-Bush Light On Venezuela?

Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez is massing troops on his nation’s border with Columbia on ground that the United States and Columbia are preparing to invade his country. He told his nation that war was possible and warned that “if you want peace, prepare for war” and blamed the United States for preparing an invasion designed to take control of Venezuela’s oil. He was alarmed at the agreement signed last month under which US military personnel will be allowed to be present at several Columbian military bases on grounds they are needed to deal with drug traffickers. Once again, America’s outdated policies on drugs only result in tension and the possibility of further violence.

Perhaps, President Obama still has not got the message from the American people that further war was not in their minds when they elected him. There is no logical need to place American forces in a foreign nation knowing there already is tension between two nations. Get them out of harm’s way and allow local military or police units to deal with drug issues.

Of course, if the president really wanted to end the drug problem he would urge making drugs legal and a government monopoly.

  • Stephanie

    Some people don’t think the troop preparation by Chavez is a threat to the US: http://www.newsy.com/videos/fighting_words_in_south_america

  • Readerresource

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