Americans should be grateful that we have the NRA to protect us against  Muslim Barack Obama and his conspiracy to end our  2nd Amendment rights. After all, Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount made clear that if you want to be a good Christian it was necessary to bring your gun to church in order to wipe out any homo minister before he brainwashed our  children. Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA exposed a plot by Barack Obama to end our gun rights.

According to LaPierre, President Obama has supported every single NRA piece of legislation in order to fool Americans. His plan is to support the NRA, gain victory in 2012 and then end all gun rights for those who seek to protect themselves against the Muslim government of Obama. So, whenever Obama says he supports something, please understand he means the exact opposite. That is the Obama plan to become dictator of America.

Protect the right of kindergarten kids to bring a gun to school. Protect the right of women giving birth to have a sidearm in case the doctor makes a mistake. Stand up for America.