Obama Demonstrates Balls

For three long years, Barack Obama has blinked every time Republican bullies threaten one thing or the other. Last fall, he refused to defend ending Bush tax cuts because Republicans made threats against extending unemployment benefits. Finally, Obama accepted the Republican dare which said the House of Representatives would not pass the two month extension of lower taxes for wages, and guess what–THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BLINKED!

Hopefully, the president has finally learned the only way to handle a bully is ti blacken his nose. The only way to defeat Republicans in 2012 is to take as stand for  poor people and the middle class. Let Republicans defend the wealthy, they will learn that most Americans these days are NOT in love with those who make millions. Obama should:

1. End Bush tax cuts.

2. Insist in the name of fairness the Social Security tax should include ALL wages, and not cease at $106,000.

Let Republicans scream but most Americans will applaud. In the end, the Republican party will blink.