Republicans have been warning the American people for years about the secret plan of President Obama to end freedom in this nation. Due to state rights the Socialist dictator has been thwarted in efforts to halt the Republican party from taking its message to the American people. Fox News refuses to accept restrictions on freedom of the press and continues presenting the truth about America. The latest example of Adolf Obama is a new law passed by Congress which establishes a Consumer Protection Agency. How dare Congress –or the President– to impose upon American businessmen the need to tell the truth about what they sell!

The essence of free enterprise is allowing businessmen to sell, to sell and make the sale. If a consumer is doubts the truth of business people all they have to do is read the small print with power glasses. Is that such a burden? First, they came for businessmen who want to sell their product with a few mistruths, then they came for businessmen who pay below the minimum wage, then they came for businessmen who sell shoddy goods. Finally, they came for You!

Thank God we have God on our side in the struggle to allow business to sell products without fear of GOVERNMENT intervention. As long as St. Ron Paul is on the side of truth, the GOVERNMENT will be prevented from taking away our freedom.

Protect America against a Consumer Protection Agency. It is the first step on the road to serfdom.