Obama Exaggerates Terrorism

Life in the twenty-first century consists of nonsense disguised as knowledge while wrapped in an enigma of nothingness. Right wing pundits on Fox News and elsewhere constantly claim that President Obama is not tough enough on terrorism and doesn’t pay sufficient attention to dealing with its manifestations. The government of Pakistan is now complaining that Obama exaggerates the impact of terrorism and he should cease talking so much about it. Many European nations also are becoming somewhat amused at “terror alerts” which come out of left field, get everyone frightened and then nothing occurs. Of course, US intelligence then claims failure for the terrorist action to occur is because there was an alert. Wajid Shamsul hasan, of Pakistan offered a cynical comment concerning the flurry of terror alerts. “There may be internal dynamics, including his(Obama) forthcoming mid-term American elections.” Lord, is he suggesting that in America politics influences foreign policy decisions!!

The lack of any specific outcome leaves most European security forces frustrated and wondering if they are being played with by American politicians. As I recall, candidate Obama often accused President Bush of playing politics with foreign policy. Hm…..