Obama Extends Lead Over McPalain

The campaign of Senator McPalain continues its negative attacks on Barack Obama with phone calls being sent to millions. The phone calls are not about the economy nor do they deal with economic issues, but concern the alleged relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers for what was done forty years ago. The Arizona senator still doesn’t grasp that all those under the age of 40 believe negative comments about the “Weathermen” are interpreted to mean he thinks Obama is too closely tied to the six o’clock weather man. Latest polls indicate the McPalain attacks just are not working and the average American increasingly is turned off by negativism. Here are some results:

Pew— 52% for Obama and 38% for McCain
Wall Street Journal/NBC News — 52% for Obama and 42% for McCain
On issue of Sarah Palin, 49% disapproved of the Alaska governor while 44% liked her.
60% of Women under age 50 dislike Palin.
The average of all polls reveals Obama is ahead by 50.1% to 43.2%

Perhaps, John McPalain now wishes he had run as John McCain, at least the old John McCain who used to have self respect for himself and was admired by many Americans. It is now clear most women think Sarah Palin is just failin.