Obama Finally Tells Truth!!

President Barack Obama finally agreed to tell the truth about his origin. He told Jay Leno that he WAS born in Africa, and recalled the days when he played  soccer with his best friend, a boy named Donald Trump. Donald was of English origin but so enjoyed playing with his black friend. Over the years, his buddy, Donald sort of drifted away and became rather wealthy. Of course, Barack always envied his red haired friend with the wonderful hair that   was combed constantly.

Barack also confessed to being a born again Muslim who spent a few years with a boy named Osama bin Laden. He told Jay the mystery of his life is what  ever happened to this boyhood chum. It is rather tragic that we Americans have been deceived by this  Muslim who most probably was with the original group that flew planes in 2001. For some reason, Barack was called away at the last minute by his buddy, Osama and told to become president of the United States.

At least he has finally told the truth so Sarah Palin can now sleep in peace knowing she helped to save America from the black dude!