Obama Foreign Links Exposed

We regret to inform Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and all others who seek a foreign ancestry to the Obama family that they have been pursuing the wrong area of the world. It is now clear that Michelle Obama is simply an agent of foreign powers who seek to destroy the American economy and turn it over to effete British foreign agents. At the recent dinner for President Hu of China, the First Lady of the United States wore a gown that was made IN THE UNITED KINGDOM BY THE BRITISH HOUSE ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! This is shocking news at a time when this nation is desperately seeking jobs for native born Americans. Oscar de la Renta expressed the chagrin of American fashion designers by noting, “this is a big industry in this nation. She should do a great deal for our industry,” You can say that again! On one hand, President Obama promises to do everything in his power to provide jobs for Americans, but apparently he can not even convince his wife to buy American!!

This incident is simply additional proof that Barack Obama was not born in America, he is a foreign sympathizer who seeks to destroy American industry and sell us out to followers of the Queen. I thought we Americans rebelled against England, but apparently the Obama family is nothing but a bunch of loyalists! I bet Sarah Palin only wears clothes made in Alaska. I bet Michele Bachman only wears clothes made in Minnesota by native born Americans.