Obama Foreign Policy

President Obama announced that his initial foreign policy trip will be to Burma, not Israel. It is clear the president wants to build a southeast Asia coalition which would thwart the Chinese move into southeast Asia. Most southeastern Asian nations fear the Chinese attempt to claim ownership of vast ocean areas so they will welcome American support.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a state of shock. He backed the Romney candidacy, he violated American tradition by meeting with the opposition party during a  trip to America, and he urged wealthy Jews to give money to Romney. Bibi will not be getting phone calls from the  American president which reach out to him with friendship. To further complicate the Israel leader’s life, former prime minister Olmert has announced his candidacy and has pledged to reach out to Palestinians in order to end the conflict.

Rumors are circulating that Iran has secretly offered to meet with Americans and discuss the nuclear issue as well as seek to end sanctions. Iran is economically hurting, it is not welcomed by many Arab nations and long term needs require some resolution of the current crisis and an end to sanctions.

Obama will probably offer to back off from missile shields in eastern Europe in order to resolve that conflict with Russia. There simply is no reason to have American missiles in eastern Europe.

Obama might decide to work closely with Turkey on the Syrian issue. He would allow Turkey to take the lead even if it meant  some limited form of “no-fly” over Syria. But, he will not commit land forces.