Obama Gets Prize–What Does Hillary Get?

Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize even as his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was zooming around the world working for the cause of peace and women’s rights. One day she is in Turkey working to build positive relations between that coun ry and Armenia, another day she is in Africa responding to questions about her husband’s views on China in a manner that indicated frustration rather than a calm diplomatic perspective. Hillary Clinton earlier in the year vigorously supported her boss on the issue of taking a firm stand against further Israel housing construction on the West Bank, then two weeks ago, she hailed the decision by Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu to slow down settlement construction only to reject her statement after Arab nations exploded in anger. Actually, Secretary of State Clinton was only echoing comments made by Obama who himself had backtracked on the issue.

Clinton is the good loyal soldier ready to throw her body on the blade of anger in order to protect the president. However, when it comes to gaining respect for resolving problems, she confronts the reality that Obama appointed Richard Holbrooke to handle Afghanistan, Dennis Ross to deal with Iran and George Mitchell to take the limelight of the Palestinian-Israel conflict. So, where does that leave Hillary? Does she possess power or the illusion of power in the Obama administration?