Obama Got Baubles And Perfume

The office of president is one that allows its occupant to be the target of gifts that supposedly represent admiration, but which could be interpreted as an attempt to influence the occupant of the Oval Office. President Obama received $245,000 in jewels from the King of Saudi Arabia, perfume from the president of France, a gold watch and other trinkets from Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and books and other objects from former prime minister Gordon Brown of England. American law requires the president to turn over the loot to the government. This raises an interesting issue. What if all lobbyist gifts to members of Congress were required by law to be turned over to the Treasury Department? Republicans constantly claim they wish to lower the national debt. Here is a way to begin, transform lobbyist money from private hands and turn it over to the American people.

I am certain the Tea Party welcomes this suggestion. After all, the British government in 1776 did not hand out trinkets to American leaders so why not clear the deck and have a jolly tea party in which we throw lobbyists off a boat in order to have money in their pockets fall into a safety net and thus net for the government enough money to pay off our national debt?