Obama Government Mistreats Prisoner!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there lived in Chicago, USA, a college professor who taught classes in Constitutional law.This nice college professor went to Harvard where he studied under great professors who respected the Constitution. He was upset when George Bush and his group of clowns disrespected the Constitution when it came to treatment of prisoners. Well, it is no longer a long, long time ago, it is today and Barack Obama who was so concerned about mistreatment of prisoners now gives his OK to mistreatment of a prisoner, Pvt. Bradley Manning.

The British Foreign Office communicated to the American government its dismay at treatment of Bradley Manning who is kept in solitary confinement and stripped naked when he goes to sleep. “All people who are detained in custody deserve to be treated in detention according to the highest international standards and we certainly expect nothing less, from the United States.” A Labor MP, Ann Cllwyd, described the conditions under which Manning lives as serving ‘no purpose other than to humiliate and degrade Bradley Manning.”

Bradley Manning is a citizen of the UK. His crime, being responsible for Wikileaks. The Obama administration argues sharing information about thinking of US diplomats aids the enemy. I thought citizen Barack Obama thought full disclosure helped American democracy.