Obama-Great MisCommunicator!

Barack Obama is not a Socialist.

Barack Obama is not a Communist.

Barack Obama is not a Liberal.

Barack Obama is not a Muslim.

But, there is one thing we all can agree upon regarding President Obama– he is undoubtedly among the worse communicators in the history of the American presidency. A new survey reveals 55% of Americans oppose Republican efforts in Congress to repeal the health care bill. At the same time, 51% disapprove of the health care bill. Survey after survey of Americans about the health care bill reveal mass confusion. Obama blames Fox News. Sorry, Mr. President, among your roles is to be the educator of America. If you had studied the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt–as many urged you do– you would have learned about a president who was opposed by over 70% of newspapers but was able to communicate complex ideas in clear terms to the people.

For example, in 1940, polls showed over 70% of Americans opposed getting involved in the war in Europe which, at that time, Nazi Germany was winning. England desperately needed destroyers to protect merchant ships. FDR spoke to the American people and explained his decision to give England 50 destroyers by use of this story: “Imagine if your neighbor’s house caught on fire and he rushed over to ask if he could borrow your water hose, certainly, you would loan it! Well, we are loaning England 50 destroyers.” The next day polls revealed the vast majority of Americans supported this effort of getting involved in the war in Europe.

Barack Obama never learned it is the duty and responsibility of the president to communicate complex ideas in clear terms. That is the reason Republicans won last November!!