Obama HS Buddy Arrested!

A news story yesterday reported that a high school buddy of President Barack Obama was arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute. We believe prominent people are now fair game to be attacked for associates:

1. General David Pertraeus had a buddy at West Point whose third cousin married a man linked to al-Qaaeda.

2. Hillary Clinton’s had a buddy in her dormitory who married a man who worked for Goldman Sachs and is linked to the Wall Street collapse.

3. Don Rumsfeld had coffee in a diner and sat next to an elderly man who worked for Wal-Mart as a greeter and was seen sitting down on the job.

4. George Bush purchases axes from a man whose wife sells marijuana.

5. Sarah Palin had a bear buddy who was seen fornicating with another male bear. Please bear this information in mind.

6. Eric Cantor, head of House Republicans, has a cantor in his synagogue who was convicted of rent gouging. Sounds normal to me.

7. Michele Bachmann purchases her lingerie from a shop owned by a woman whose main occupation is running a bordello. No surprise since Michele will prostitute herself in order to get a vote.

8. Rush Limbaugh played with a boy in elementary school who became a member of al-Qaeda. Now, we know why Rush helps al-Qaeda by his anti-Muslim rants.

9. Dick Cheney was seen going into a restaurant and chatting with its owner who was cited by the health department for rats in the place. No surprise, when it comes to rats in your employ, Dick is president of the group.