Obama In Israel

The black dude has finally decided to visit Israel and has finally decided to please Republicans who insist that to be president of the United States of America one must spend time in Israel sucking up to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After all, he once went to Egypt and gave a speech, but he did not rush  off to Israel. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was berated by Republican  senators because he did not believe an American official placed the interests of the US before those of Israel. After all, Mitt Romney visited Israel and pulled in millions from Israel conservatives who  insist that Americans owe their  primary allegiance to the nation of Israel.

Of course, the security of Israel is important. Of course there is need to prevent war in the Middle East and to work for peace. But, the primary responsibility of an American president is to the national interests of the USA. Frankly, visiting Israel will NOT further the cause of peace in the Middle East. Peace will come when Israel leaders acknowledge the rights of Palestinians and agree to compromises that enhance the cause of peace in the region.