Obama Indignant, Libyans Dead

Barack Obama has sent thousands of soldiers to the hills of Afghanistan in order to retain in power a corrupt, inefficient and ineffective government. In Libya, thousands of people rose up in order to create a democratic society, but their desires have not aroused much from the Obama administration other than words of indignation at the behavior of Muammar Gaddafi. Perhaps, words of indignation are now the current mode of operation in America. Several weeks ago, the media went after nut case Chalie Sheen and a good time was had by all poking fun at his antics. Of course, the unusual behavior of Charlie only impacted one person–Charlie. It appears each week there is another topic which brings forth words of indignation from the American government-Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, pick one to pour forth complaints about terrible rulers and then you can go to bed this evening filled with a sense of accomplishing something– you denounced evil. It cleanses the soul to let evil people know you regard them as evil and are not afraid to speak the truth.

Thirty years ago, President Reagan also got angry at Gaddafi who was responsible for the deaths of Americans and dispatched US war planes to blast away in Libya. But, then again, he never went to Harvard where learned people have great discussions about evil. I am certain Barack Obama will not back down from the fight against obesity. But, when it comes to the fight against Gaddfafi…..