Obama Infuriated At Netanyahu!

President Barack Obama is reportedly infuriated at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for rejecting a draft proposal that was developed by an advisor to Defense Minister Ehud Barack and US officials. The draft called for an extension of the freeze on settlements for an additional sixty days that also assured the Israel government of support for their ideas to station troops along the Jordan border in order to prevent arms smuggling. Obama promised after the end of the sixty day period he would not ask for an additional freeze halt and he promised to protect Israel in the Security Council by vetoing any proposal that would damage their interests. Dennis Ross, who played a key role in this negotiation, regards Netanyahu as a liar and is urging the president to adopt a different tone in dealing with Netanyahu.

Reality is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects a Republican victory in November and has concluded that would prevent Obama from pressuring him in any way. Failure of Republican senators to work with the president on a bipartisan plan for Middle East peace is bearing the fruits of violence. There will be another intifada and violence will erupt in Israel. Naturally, suicide bombers will then provide hard liners like Avigdor Lieberman with justification for being obstinate. Future historians will note the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister did more to hinder peace than any other factor.