Obama Kills Americans

A drone plane hovered over a car in a remote area of Yemen, and soon missiles emerged which headed toward a car driving along a road in this far away land. The car contained two Americans who were important figures in al-Qaeda and they had been involved in attempting to blow up an American airliner. Little did the men in the car know that President Obama had ordered their execution, post haste. Missiles hit the car and soon notorious Muslim cleric, Anwar al-Awalaki was dead along with fellow American Samir Khan.

Congressman  Ron Paul has raised questions as to whether the president has the power to order the murder of suspected criminals. An interesting question. Who knows, perhaps one day, the president might do the nation a favor by ordering the imprisonment of execution of some of our most important criminals–Sarah Palin, Michele Bachamnn, Rick Perry–all guilty of lying to Americans and making other nations believe we only allow certified idiots to run for president.