Two weeks ago it was clear that Muammar Gaddafi was going to use its money to purchase an army and then set out to kill every Libyan who dared oppose his power. At this point, establishing a no-fly zone would have been rather easy and effective. Barack Obama dithered and dathered about such a step. As usual, he allowed events to take command of his policy. During the health care debate he remained silent which allowed Fox News and other right wing Republicans to dominate discussion and establish the narrative which included nutty ideas about death panels. He is a leader who allows others to lead rather than the person who establishes parameters of the debate.

Finally, he agrees to a UN approved attack on Libya. So, where does the president go as American airmen are risking their lives–on a trip to Brazil!! He apparently lacks enough common sense that the president should be in Washington D.C. when fighting takes place. Some might claim my words are petty. Barack Obama is president of the United States and has just ordered men into action. One must remain in the Oval Office because a commander-in-chief is with the men in action.

Oh well, let’s