Obama -Madder Than Hell!

Five years ago Barack Obama was running for the position as President of the United States of America. He promised, if elected, to end problems in the Veterans Administration that caused thousands of people to be denied prompt and effective treatment of their medical treatment and other benefits. Five years have passed. Veterans still wait and wait to even get a session with a doctor or a meeting to discuss benefits due to those who served in the armed forces. General Shinseki who now heads the VA hasn’t done a damned thing to solve “problems.” Wait time can be weeks or months, or, even a year for a veteran in need of care. A White House spokesman informed veterans, the President is “madder than hell.” Now, that is reassuring.

The President of the United States of America is responsible for what his Cabinet does –or does not do. There have been endless stories about VA problems and finally Barack Obama gets the message. OH, he is surprised about these problems because no one told him about them!FIVE YEARS is a long time to learn about what you are responsible for. As Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel(a Veteran of combat) recently said:”We know things went wrong. Somebody’s got to be accountable here, like in any situation.”

Shinseki MUST GO-NOW!