Obama Meets Another Boehner

President Barack Obama is in Israel and had made a side trip to meet Palestinian leaders in Ramallah. If anyone knows  how it feels seeking a compromise with an individual who simply will only compromise if the rights of wealthy people are protected,  then Obama is an expert in these conversations. After all, he has met with John Boehner whose idea of “compromise” is agreeing there will not be any further taxes on those with wealth. Ironically, Obama told Palestinian leaders they should enter into negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who continues taking away land from Palestinians and has made clear the border of 1967 is now void. In other words, Palestinians have to accept a new border, Palestinians have to accept Jews on land the UN has made clear belongs to Palestinians.

The president, in effect, told Palestinians they should not use Netanyahu’s refusal to compromise as “an excuse” to enter into negotiations. I assume Obama will enter into negotiations with Boehner with the understanding there will be no further rise in taxes on the wealthy!