Obama Misunderstands Netanyahu!

President Obama happily greeted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they chatted, smiled at one another, and then Netanyahu left with a grin on his face because once again, he read the president and walked out with everything he desired. Khaled Amayreh, reporting in Al Ahram, charges the Israel government is preparing the largest land grab on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem. The plan entails building thousands of Jewish-only apartments in East Jerusalem that will be constructed on land owned by Palestinians. At present, the estimated 270,000 Arabs in East Jerusalem are confined to 13% of the land while Jews control about 85% of the area. Palestinian Authority spokesperson Ghassan Al-Khatib, made clear “I don’t believe that the peace process will withstand the reported plan to expand Jewish settlement in Jerusalem. In fact, the main goal of that plan is to kill any remaining hope for peace.”

There is no evidence President Obama made clear to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu that building in East Jerusalem was a peace killer. Instead, Obama, demonstrated he has the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it comes to standing firm against a bully. He allowed himself to be bullied by Wall Street, he allowed himself to be bullied by Republicans, and he has essentially killed hope for peace by allowing Netanyahu to get away with murder. Bibi read Obama correctly, never give in to what he wants, use words to convey you believe in peace, but never do anything to translate words into action. Words suffice for Barack Obama. Mr. President, Bibi is NOT going to halt settlements, and by not ceasing the seizure of Arab land he seeks to provoke Palestinians into violence. It is a game, not a peace process. Once Palestinians resort to violence, Bibi will shout to the world that Palestinians can never be trusted and then he will announce more and more settlements.

  • wags101

    Obama is weak and should have told bibi to go to hell.What could possibly be left to “talk” about as long as Israel is starving, stealing land and resources from the Palestinians. Come on Obama I hope you have a little something up your sleeve for this “best friend”. Obama should have made it clear to bibe that it does not support any action against IRan, they need to come clean about their nukes. Lay out the borders for a Palestinian state or loose you welfare status with the us people and their tax dollars.