Obama Must Act Presidential

The defeat of Congressman Eric Cantor by a nut case of conservatism has made clear that it will be impossible for any sane American leader over the next two years to propose any sensible law because the Yahoos who control the Republican party will defeat anything that resembles addressing issues confronting the United States of America. Reality is that Barack Obama will have to rely on whatever power he can use as president in order to alter the conditions confronting America in the second decade of the 21st century. Republicans will just say, NO, to whatever is proposed by the president. If Obama says the sun is shining, Republicans will pass a resolution that there is no sun, only clouds.

President Obama is prepared to issue an executive order that bans discrimination in any work performed by an American business enterprise for the federal government. This now means gays, lesbians, those who have altered their sexual preference of those of any religion or national origin, now enjoy federal protection for their job. Of course, I await a House of Representative investigation about this executive order.