Obama Myths May Cost Election

During the 2008 campaign, candidate Barack Obama captured the imagination of young voters and he promised to push for laws that would benefit them. That was then, today is now. He has utterly failed to do anything for young Americans. OK, he did change student loan laws that lower costs. but what is the use of a lower cost loan if one does not have a job? He pushed through health legislation requiring everyone to take out health insurance, great idea–PROVIDED ONE HAS A JOB TO PAY THE INSURANCE COST! Obama simply walked away from youth and surrounded himself with Wall Street types whose answer to all problems is protect the wealthy and powerful because they are the source of campaign contributions. Let’s examine Obama myths:

1. Young people cannot vote for people like Palin or Bachmann, they are stuck with me.
Reality: Sorry, Barack. They have an alternative and in my talks with young people this is what most will do–DON’T VOTE.

2. Prove to Americans you can outdo Republicans in reducing government expenditures.
Reality: Yes, you can reduce government expenditures, but in doing so more jobs are lost and more people hate you.

3. Independents want a candidate who straddles the middle and is not either a left or right wing extremist.
Reality: Independents are also losing jobs. They want JOBS. They will support candidates who create jobs.

4. Suck up to Wall Street and collect big bucks. The more bucks, the more votes.
Reality: President Obama you are conducting the last election, not the upcoming one. Money will play a much less important role due to Internet and other media sources. You have lost youth, and money will not get them out hustling for you.

5. Don’t come across as a populist. Stick to the middle.
Reality: The American people are furious at Wall Street and the rich. They await a candidate who will arouse that anger. You are not that person. Please read Franklin Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address. In it he blasts Wall Street. He kept on blasting away. He inherited a 25% unemployment rate, you inherited a 10% unemployment rate. FDR swept Congressional elections two years later, your approach led to a blood bath for Democrats.