Obama No More Says Fox Tweet!

Someone or some people entered the Fox News Tweet area and left messages about the assassination of President Obama while in Iowa. For some reason, Fox News refuses to take credit for this incredible scoop. The tweeter twitted what every commentator on Fox News has been urging– in one way or another–get rid of this man from Africa. Unconfirmed reports indicate:

1. The House of Representatives voted to deny any funds for the funeral of Obama on grounds it is simply another example of Barack Obama placing his own desires ahead of the American people who want cuts in the government!

2. Sarah Plain boasted that she had urged folks to get Obama “in their sights” so if anyone deserves credit for getting rid of the man from Africa who attempted to bring Socialism to America, it is her!

3. Michele Bachmann was heard to utter, “is Iowa part of America?”

4. House Republican leader, Eric Cantor said he would not attend any funeral of someone who hates Israel and supports Palestinian terrorists.

5. Mitt Romney said he would attend the funeral, but after consulting polls, indicated he was simply too busy to get to Washington for a day and lose all that money he could have raised.