OBAMA Obsession Threatens America!

President Barack Obama has an obsession. Is it an obsession with females–no. It is an obsession with seeking WMD that do not exist? No. Is it an obsession with torturing people–No. Senator John Kyl of Arizona believes the debt ceiling will be raised. He believes the United States will not default on its debts. But, he is convinced things could readily be resolved if not for the OBAMA obsession. “Unless the president gets off absolute obsession with raising taxes, Republicans are not going to agree on anything that will harm the economy. And job killing taxes will.” Of course, taxes currently are at their lowest level in over forty years, but we have seventeen million without jobs. Of course, George Bush pushed through lower taxes in 2001 which began the current spiral in a rising national debt.

Speaking of obsessions, do Republicans have one about making certain the wealthy do not pay taxes needed to restore economic health? Speaking of obsessions, is there a tax cut that benefits the top one percent which Republicans will vote for in belief the end result is more jobs?