Obama OKs American On Hit List!

It was a reassuring moment when former Constitutional law professor, Barack Obama won the election in November, 2008 because after eight years of disregarding the Constitution of the United States, the nation finally had someone in authority who would uphold the law. I guess something went wrong, and instead of candidate Barack Obama becoming the new president, his alter ego, Barack Bush Obama took the office of president. The Obama administration has taken the rare step of authorizing the killing(murder, that is) of an American citizen on grounds that he inspires radical Muslims. Anwar al_Awlaki is termed, “a proven threat,” and he is “being targeted” by official murderers. Awlaki is reportedly hiding in Yemen among radical Muslims and has been connected to Major Nidal Malik Hasan who killed several members of the military. A former Bush official says he cannot recall any American citizen being targeted for execution during the past eight years.

The basic argument is that Awlaki is involved in plots and plans and thus offers a convenient target for murder. Former President Gerald Ford banned such political assassinations in 1976. However, we now have a president who knows the Constitution and is ready to use that knowledge to subvert the Constitution.

I wonder what grade Professor Obama would have given a student in his class who proposed murdering suspected killers.