Obama On International Law

There is growing fury among Latin American nations, regardless of their attitude to the left wing government  of President Evo Morales, head of Bolivia, because of the insult to a leader who may have dared to defy the regime of  President Barack Obama. After throwing around comments to the media that he would never scramble  jets to capture Edward Snowden the American president did just hat stupid move. He persuaded governments in France, Spain and Portugal to refuse to allow the plane of President Evo Morales to fly over their territory due to fear the notorious villain, Edward Snowden might be on the plane. Even worse, Obama persuaded the government of Spain to have its ambassador to Austria go to the Morales plane and demand to inspect it!!

This is a blatant violation of international law from a man who used to teach constitutional law. I understand the Barack Obama wants to protect me against bad people  who seek my death. Will the real Obama please stand up?