Obama Out Of Step

Since day one of his presidency, Barack Obama has always been one step out of step with the American people. He never grasped that a president is the Number One educator in the nation who ensures the American people understand issues of the day. Prior to US entry into World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt constantly raised issues with the nation as to why the presence of Nazi Germany posed a long term threat. He asked his defeated opponent in 1940, Republican candidate Wendell Wilkie to work with him and they became close allies in the task of making a reluctant people that eventually they had to enter the war against Adolf Hitler.

Barack Obama now claims that many Bush regulations are needed to ensure safety for the nation. If he believed that, then Obama should have been alerting the American people as to their needs. But, Barack Obama has never conceived his role to be the chief educator. Heck, he never explained his health plan to the nation, he never sent a brochure to every American which carefully explained health care. Barack Obama must rank among the most inept leaders of our nation. He is always a step out of step with the people of this country.