Obama Pledges Help To ALL VETERANS

During his political campaign for the presidency Barack Obama pledged to create a Veterans Affairs department that addressed the need of all those who served their country regardless of how much they earned in their retirement. Currently, veterans who earn above a stated amount of yearly income are not eligible to receive VA medical services including access to low cost drugs. Those who earn “too much” were locked out of the VA during the Bush administration which was interested in cutting costs. It is not surprising that Bush and his fellow cowards, Cheney and other prominent Republicans who were draft dodgers during the Vietnam War prevented those who served from being part of the VA health system.

President Obama is endeavoring to restore access to VA health to all who served regardless of income. “I don’t think there’s a perfect formula. But I think we have obligations to both sets of veterans. Given the resources we have, we want to try to meet as many of those obligations as we can.” Fair words from a fair president.

All who served their nation were promised access to VA health care. George Bush II, the COWARD, cut millions of veterans from access to health care and low cost drugs. I find it fascinating listening to right wing Republicans like Rush the Mouth who never served his country proclaiming how Republicans care more about their nation than do Democrats.