Obama Ponders, Libyans Die!

During the 1990s a genocide occurred in Rwanda when members of the Hutu tribe massacred over 500,000 Tutsis and the world stood idly by. Years later, Bill Clinton admitted he was wrong to refuse taking action because there are times the United States CAN take action without getting deeply involved in a large scale war. Gaddafi is depending upon mercenaries and this type of fighter will not stand up to professional soldiers. They lack the will or desire to risk their lives when confronted by better trained soldiers. Mustafa Abdel Jalil, a leader of the Libyan rebels urged the world to step in and do something. “If there is no no-fly zone imposed on Gaddafi’s regime….. then we will have a catastrophe.” A rebel soldier told a reporter, “we are bracing for a massacre.”

Barack Obama stood idly be when Republicans spread one lie after another about his health care program, Barack Obama stood idly by when many economists urge a focus on jobs, and now, he is standing idly by while thousands of people die. Even the Arab League wants a no-fly. What exactly will get this man who has displayed the backbone of a chocolate eclair to finally take a risk and commit himself to action?