Obama Promises To Be Like Old Obama!!

Once upon a time there was a young man who spoke with eloquence about his desire for a new America in which fear no longer dominated the policies of our government. He promised to end disregard for Constitutional rights and create a government which protected the American people without resorting to hysteria and fear about the world outside. It is now clear that President Obama is simply George Bush, light when it deals with issues of national security. He has abused the rights of Americans by resorting to the use of technology in pursuit of “security.” Of course, the president must be concerned about “national security” but there is a difference between relying upon quiet, competent actions that lead to national security without violating the spirit of our Constitution.

Obama told key members of Congress that he finally is willing to discuss national security in a calm, intelligent manner. He is willing to reform the National Security Agency surveillance program. Senator Ron Wyden made the issue very clear by referring to “the false choices” that it was either liberty of security. Both can be attained.