Obama Prostitutes Peace Negotiations

I understand why some people become prostitutes and I understand the need for compromise and I even understand the need to seek cooperative ventures with the Netanyahu government of Israel. However, I do not understand why President Obama must sell out the interest of peace in the Middle East in the manner of a slut who sells the body cheaply. Once again, Barack Obama displayed the backbone of a chocolate eclair by offering Israel 20 F35 fighter planes in exchange for a NINETY DAY FREEZE ON CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SETTLEMENTS! NINETY DAYS? After years of avoiding compromise with genuine Palestinian offers, does Obama actually believe Benji is going to do anything significant in NINETY DAYS! The president in a spirit of COMPROMISE will allow construction to proceed in east Jerusalem where more Palestinian land will be taken over by Jewish settlers. The surprise of the Obama administration is his inability to take a stand and face the consequences of standing firm in the fight for peace.

The message sent by Obama to Prime Minister Netanyahu is “I will allow you to refuse to do anything and there will be no consequences for refusing to compromise.” The Obama administration has defended Israel interests in the UN, it has helped Israel to avoid revealing her nuclear development program, it has allowed Netanyahu to make a mockery of peace negotiations and still Barack actually believes Israel will take positive actions for peace! Hey, Barack, I got a bridge here in Brooklyn that you can have real cheap.