Obama Pushes Middle East Peace Forward

After President Obama met with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, both sides agreed to resume discussions on peace for the Middle East. According to Netanyahu, “there was general agreement, including on the part of the Palestinians, that the peace process has to be resumed as soon as possible with no preconditions.” President Abbas has displayed a desire for peace by backing off his legitimate demand for an end to further housing in West Bank settlements. He expects Israel to discuss “restraining settlement activities.”

Obama praised Palestinians for improving their security system and he praised Israel for ending certain restrictions on the movement of Palestinians. Now, is the time for Prime Minister Netanyahu to make a dramatic statement that would push forward the peace process. How about:

1. Promising that Israel will not fight to keep all settlements on the West Bank and is ready to negotiate on this issue!
2. Agreeing to a conference which would discuss Arab refugees from Israel and Jewish refugees from Arab nations.
3. Establishment of an Education Committee of Arabs and Jews which would review educational materials in both Israel and Palestinian schools that deal with the 1948 war.