Obama Reaches Out To Iran

President Barack Obama sent a message of friendship to Iran as that nation celebrated its new Year. In his video, the president tried to make clear to the people of Iran and its leaders that his nation wanted to establish “constructive ties.” He mad clear a new American leader did not wish to continue the animosity that George Bush generated with Iran. “My administration is now committed to diplomacy.” Iranian leaders responded in a hesitant manner and demanded that words be matched with actions on the part of the United States. They want practical steps such as ending US support of Israel, an outcome that most probably will not occur.

Unfortunately, the Obama message came just as Israel was lambasting Iran for its nuclear development and support of terrorism. There are practical ways in which the United States can build new relations with Iran. It might begin by apologizing to the people of Iran for the CIA plot to overthrow the moderate secular government of Mossadegh in 1953. America must take responsibility for its actions.