Obama Reassures American Jewish Leaders

President Obama met with American Jewish leaders in an effort to allay fears his ideas would in any way damage the interests of Israel. Several of the leaders told the president his words have created an image in the media that Israel must do more than the Arabs in order assure that peace will be achieved in the Middle East. According to Ira Forman of the National Jewish Democratic Committee, the president repeatedly emphasized what he is asking of Israel is very difficult, but must be achieved. The group appeared divided over issues related to the West Bank. Obama reiterated his unshakable commitment to Israel’s security.

The presence of individuals who claim to respresent “American Jews” is rather arrogant. None has ever been elected by Jews, most are political hacks who have worked themselves up in the bureaucracy of an organization. There constituency is their organization, not American Jews. Most polls indicated the overwhelming majority of American Jews voted for Barack Obama and support his ideas. There is no indication most US Jews disagree on Obama’s ideas for peace in the Middle East.