Obama Remains Oblivious Of Freedom

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there lived in the state of Illinois a young man with passion for human rights. This young man believed the existing government of George Bush was violating the basic concept of freedom of speech and the press. Ah, but that was then and then eventually became now which means the young man was now the person who he believed had violated American civil liberties. Barack Obama wants his legacy to be that of the president who most refused to allow members of the press to meet their responsibilities of upholding the right of Americans to know what does on in their government. The Obama administration wants federal judges to cease worrying about the rights of New York Times correspondent James Risen and focus on the rights of our president to maintain secrecy over issues that HE decides must be secret. A three member panel of judges voted 2-1 that reporters had no privilege that would guarantee the confidentiality of their sources.

Risen’s lawyers want a 15 member panel to rule on this issue. Our freedom loving Obama administration opposes any right of members of the government to inform the press when there is violation of American rights. Barack Obama insists that he alone must decide what can or cannot be shared with the public. After all,there is an issue of TERRORIM and whenever the word “terrorist” is uttered or written then all rights guaranteed under the Constitution are automatically suspended. Barack uttered the magic word so let us cease discussing “rights.” The only right to be discussed is that possessed by the president of the United States!