Obama Sabotaged By Hysterical Minister’s Remarks

The campaign of Senator Barack Obama hit a brick wall after remarks from a black minister who ranted and r aved about rpejudice in America. The Reverend Jermiah Wright, preacher at the church Obama attends, made incendiary remarks about prejudice in America that angered millions of people. Senator Obama denounced the minister’s comments as “stupid” and a distraction to the political process. A new Rasmussen poll published yesterday said Wright’s comments made 56% of the electorate less likely to vote for Obama.

One assumes Mr. Wright would like to see one of his parishoners become president of the United States, but he has done everything in his power to prevent this from happening. In a sense, Minister Wright is a black version of Ralph Nader, two self righteous individuals who would rather rant and rave to satisfy their own egos than support efforts to end the Bush era of disaster for America. Obama, in an interview with Jim Lehrer, said Wright reflected the past and struggles of the 1960sand 1970s. And, it was time to move on. Unfortunately, the past continues casting its shadow on the present.

Minister Wright most probably feels very smug and satisfied at this moment since he let out all of his rage against whites, discrimination, and so on. Of course, in the process he damaged efforts to improve the racial climate in this nation. But, for Wright, the important thing is dealing with his own neeeds for self importance. Damn America he says, and damn the candidacy of Barack Obama, just let me spew hate and discord. Mr. Wright is no servant of God, he is a servant of his own emotional needs to take center stage.

  • walter77777

    Oy vay iz mir! How can anyone not recognize the prophetic voice of Rev. Wright? He has seen it all!

    He grew up in the pre-civil-rights movement South. He went to University of Chicago Divinity School a few blocks fromthe terrible slums of Woodlawn where he could see so many of his African-American brethren living lives of terrible desperation, and he sees how little of the progress that he feels is needed for the African-American community is actually being accomplished.

    It might help greatly if we were to listen a bit more to Rev. Wright before we criticize him.


  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Oy vay iz mir, black Americans now vote, hold high elective offices, there is a powerful black middle class, black children attend colleges all over America, not just black ones. The armed forces have been integrated, housing prejudice still exists but nothing like in the past, etc.. As a soldier in basic training in the South, I was kicked off a bus because I gave up my seat to a tired black woman. Oy vay is mir, on which planet are you living? Pay attention to Obama.